Food Labeling 101 – Nutritional Information

Food Labeling 101 – Nutritional Information
Event on 2017-07-04 09:30:00
Food Labelling 101 Here’s your opportunity for a cost-effective way to gain knowledge of the ANZ Food Standards Code in a friendly environment with lots of interaction and chances to apply the learnings to your business. Nutritional Information Understanding the ins and outs of your product and its recipe is critical to its success in the marketplace. This seminar will be a practical session using either Zubi (see or the FSANZ NPC calculator to calculate your products nutrition information and how to present it. The addition of vitamins and minerals into food will be discussed including how to calculate and which ones to declare. An overview of product specific requirements will also be examined in this session. For this seminar you will need to bring along a laptop/tablet, as well as your product’s recipe. For the ingredients that you use in your product, please bring along as many specifications as you have access to. 

at The FoodBowl
28 Verissimo Dr
Auckland, New Zealand

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