Gut Love – Basic Ferments

Gut Love – Basic Ferments
Event on 2017-09-08 19:00:00
Join me for a basic introduction to fermenting.  We will be making a sauerkraut quart and a beet kvass quart.  Class includes glass quarts, cabbage, beets and salt. Please bring a chef's knife, paring knife, and a cutting board to class. (Class will run with a minimum of 5 students.) We will also be tasting various ferments that I make – this is a big hit during class! Benefits of fermentation include: Preserving food to allow for a longer shelf life. Increasing naturally occurring B and C vitamins and their absorption (B12 for all of you vegans MTHFR folks). Easing digestion by pre-digesting the foods that are being fermented. Contributing to and supporting a healthy immune system by way of introducing symbiotic cultures of lactic-acid bacteria, otherwise known as probiotics, which are able to survive the harsh conditions of our stomach (due to their love of acidity) on their way to our colon. Being budget friendly. Come and find out why fermentation is amazing for your gut and best of all, easy to do!

at Orland Park
180 Orland Park Place
Orland Park, United States

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