IMMUNITY INSIGHTS: how to supercharge your immunity all year long

IMMUNITY INSIGHTS: how to supercharge your immunity all year long
Event on 2017-06-20 19:00:00
This workshop will teach you essentials for boosting your body’s defences to live healthier, stronger and disease free! Some of the important factors influencing our immunity include nutrition and a lifestyle. Food serves us like a fuel and a quality of it influences our functioning and our performance. Choosing the right fuel to nourish your body and support immunity is a key element in getting and maintaining health. Based on the latest research and her experience, Dr. Joanna will sort out some nutritional facts by providing valuable insight and ways to improve your nutrition, to supercharge your immunity and consequently to manage your health. This informative workshop will inspire you in adopting foods and lifestyle that boost your immunity and promote health.   Come and learn how to boost your immunity with NO MEDICINES and Focus on the right foods, vitamins, minerals and a healthy lifestyle! ABOUT: Dr. Joanna Krzeslak-Hoogland earned her doctorate in a field of molecular microbiology. She worked in a biotech industry, she is a certified nutritional coach and a registered paramedical natural medicine practitioner. Under the umbrella of her company “ProBiotic DIGEST” she promotes health through education about nutrition and human gut microbiome. She combines her academic and industrial experience with nutrition knowledge to bridge the gap between theory and practice and to help people in their journey to wellbeing. Joanna is an author of scientific publications and contributed to popular books. She offers individual consulting and workshops. For more information go to and

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