Power up your ADRENALS!

Power up your ADRENALS!
Event on 2017-06-08 18:30:00
Are you stressed? Fatigued? Overworked?  Feeling like there is no way you can handle all on your plate?   Your adrenals may need some support! Our tiny but mighty ADRENALS are of significant importance to our health, vitality, and soaring energy levels to live our best life! Where are my adrenals and why are they so important?  Your adrenals sit right on top of your kidneys and they significantly affect the functioning of every tissue, organ, and gland in your body. Attack, retreat or surrender, every cell responds accordingly and you FEEL the results! This workshop will help you with the following: * Learn how you can support your adrenals with diet, specific supplements and affirmations * Learn how to use Essential Oils for relaxing, recharging, energizing or calming. * Take an adrenal quiz and learn how to check your adrenal reflex points. If you’re stressed out, can’t sleep, always feel tired, have thyroid issues, are an emotional wreck, have suffered a serious injury or illness, have hormonal concerns, constantly sick, blood sugar challenges, etc. or just want to feel better. This could very well be a lifesaving class for you. About the Speaker:  Laurie Langfitt, has a PhD in Clinical Nutrition with 30 years’ experience in helping people find the natural solutions they need in order to have their optimal health. She has a private Holistic Wellness practice in Emmett, Idaho. She added essential oils to her practice 5 years ago and is grateful to be part of doTERRA.  Their culture of service, dedication, education and abundance mentality is right up her alley!  Laurie is a top leader with doTERRA and a sought after speaker on many wellness topics including this Adrenals class, as well as classes relating to how to use essential oils with our pets!

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