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You dont have to change everything. However, realigning can be the healthiestremedy after nearly two decades in the music business. Going into their eleventh fulllengthalbum, Kill The Flaw [7 Bros. Records/ADA Label Services], Sevendust changeda lot around them regarding the infrastructure of their organization, but they didnt alterwhat matters the mostthe music. Following their first significant break (two months)since forming, the Atlanta groupLajon Witherspoon [lead vocals], Clint lowery [leadguitar, backing vocals], John Connolly [rhythm guitar, backing vocals], Vince Hornsby[bass], and Morgan Rose [drums]entered their new creative hub, Architekt Studios inButler, New Jersey, completely inspired and invigorated.For the first time in our careers, the avenues were swept off with all of the trash we hadon them before, admits Lajon. We didnt have certain peoples hands in our pockets orhelicoptering the situation to what they thought it should be. We took a lot of things inour own control. As a result, its a new chapter for us.Thats why the record is called Kill The Flaw, explains Clint. Its basically about cuttingoff the baggage from your life and career and trimming down the excess that holds youback. Weve had a lot of struggles with the industry. We changed everything about ourbusiness. Its a rebirth in a sense, as far as what we want to do, how were going to doit, and who were going to it with. Weve learned from our mistakes.There were a few other significant changes as well. Instead of holing up in a hotel,Lajon, Clint, and John rented a house together. The sessions became 24-hour as theguys cooked breakfast together, hit the gym, and then locked themselves in the studiountil midnight every day for five weeks. They also penned the music alongside oneanother in the studio, jamming everything out in the same room.It made everything feel like it did when we first started, smiles Lajon. We went in, satdown, looked at each other, picked up the instruments, and began rocking out.Recording like an actual group gave everything more substance.I wanted to embrace what Sevendust is on Kill the Flaw, declares Clint. Its thecontrast of the melodic vocal over a very percussive, heavy musical landscape. Thatswhat weve always done. Thats one of those things our fan base really connected to.Theyre our lifes blood. Theres no question. We allow our fans to have more of a voicethan other bands. We love putting out records that people can say, This what they do.This is the type of band I want to support.The first single and album opener Thank You upholds the pillars of their signaturestyle with a buoyant guitar groove, bombastic drums, and soulfully striking refrain. Theres always someone trying to keep you down, sighs Lajon. At the end of the day,that negativity makes you stronger. Youre still going. It says, Thank you for putting medown. Thank you for making me work harder. Thank you for hating!The band received an unexpected surprise in early December, as Thank You wasnominated for a GRAMMY for Best Metal Performance. Its the bands first nominationin their near-twenty-year career.Its unbelievable to be nominated for a GRAMMY and we thank the Lord for thisopportunity, said Lajon. We are so grateful to everyone who has helped us achievethis.Thank You has received a lot of attention for the band since it was released. InSeptember, the song was featured in an Apple Keynote speech from the Bill GrahamCivic Auditorium in San Francisco. Jen Folse, senior design producer and part of theApple TV team, showcased Thank You during the finale of her promo of the newApple TV. As she stated during her presentation in regards to the band, So youprobably wouldnt have guessed it, but I am quite the metal head and this is one of myfavorite bands.Meanwhile, Death Dance builds from an eerie clean guitar into a towering distortedverse thats as robust as it is raw. Everything converges on an undeniable vocal chantduring the chorus. Thats the summer dance jam right there, chuckles Lajon.Its based around the social media era were in with all of its vanity and ego, revealsClint. We all get caught up in it. People try to enhance their looks without putting anyenergy towards giving back. The dead are society staring at their iPhones. Youve got tosee the world. You cant look at a screen for that.Then, theres Not Today, which is equally stirring and soaring with its six-stringbeatdown and vulnerably vibrant vocals. Thats another one about change, continuesClint. Its us as a band basically making a choice to change who we work with and howwe do what we do. Its us addressing things that have stopped that from happening.Youre lashing out at someone and explaining how youre going to be a different versionof yourself.Thankfully, theyre still Sevendust through and through, and thats what forged one ofhard rocks most diehard audiences. 2014s acoustic offering Time Travelers & Bonfiressaw an overwhelming response from that community, being quickly funded through ahighly successful PledgeMusic campaign. Just a year prior, Black Out The Sun enteredBillboards Top Hard Music Albums chart at #1 and landed at #18 on the Top 200. Theykicked off their illustrious career with an untouchable string of three gold albums,beginning with their self-titled 1997 debut and continuing with Home in 1999 andAnimosity in 2001. Along the way, theyve sold out shows everywhere and givenunforgettable performances at the likes of Rock On The Range, Woodstock, OZZfest,and Shiprocked! to name a few. However, the new chapter starts now.I hope people know were the real deal, concludes Lajon. Thats the most importantthing. Theres substance here. Thats why everybody keeps coming back, and werebeyond thankful for that.I want everybody to walk away surprised, Clint leaves off. I hope its better than theyimagined, and they get this reassurance that were all connected. We want to givepeople fresh, quality music. I hope they feel prideful theyve stuck with us through all ofthese years.

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