West Coast Canada Philosophy of Success by TE Philip Cheung

West Coast Canada Philosophy of Success by TE Philip Cheung
Event on 2017-05-27 12:00:00
The Philosophy of Success by Philip Cheung is a success seminar to empower you to unleash your potential power and become successful in life. Mr. Philip Cheung is a M circle member and one of the Top 250 high income earners within the MLM industry. He is also an international public life coach speaker and has been invited by leaders around the world to talk about "how we can retire in 15 months" by understanding the power of the Law of Attraction, Capital shifting, and many other concepts.  After selling his traditional business, Philip achieved his goal within 27 months to become Type 5 by gaining health, wealth, time, youth freedom and happiness. Philip created "Philosophies of Success" and the "Type 5 lifestyle" because he believes the best way to empower people around the world is by paying it forward and sharing his secret. He understands that success must be sought through a strong mindset that cannot be fulfilled through our educational system. Philip brings us lots of laughter and tears by sharing his wisdom and stories from his life experiences in the past 23 years on how to break free from the rat race.  (☆_☆) We serve Coffee and Tea (☆_☆) Refreshments (☆_☆) Free Parking

at Richmond Country Club
9100 Steveton Highway
Richmond, Canada

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